Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our Pacific Coast Vacation

We just arrived back from our family vacation to the Pacific Coast.  We survived the airplane ride to Portland and back (which was my biggest concern).  We then covered most of the coast of Washington, Oregon, and even down into a section of California. 

A few things we did:  Skyler got to feed baby salmon at a fish hatchery.  We visited, hiked and explored through Cape Disappointment and Fort Stevens.  We explored tons of tidal pools (covered in sea anemones, starfish, rock boring clam, and other unknowns).  We spotted several falcons.  We got to see and hike through the redwoods (got to check that one off my bucket list) which are awesome!  We all ate octopus and Paul and I ate fresh halibut -- both of which were great!  Skyler tried salmon for her first time.  We had some close encounters with sea lions and harbor seals.  It was so much fun to see the fishermen coming in after days of fishing on the ocean and listen to their stories and watch them clean and sell their fresh fish to anyone willing to pay the price.  We got to explore two WWII military installations, one of which was the only military installation in the continental United States to receive hostile fire during WWII.  We also went inland to explore Olympic National Park, Multnomah Falls and Crater Lake.  We camped on the beach 3 nights in a row (all at different areas on the coast) and camped inland for 1 night just outside of Crater Lake National Park.  We stayed at Paul's cousins' house to round off the last 2 nights of our trip -- and they were GREAT to us!!  Because of them we learned how to beachcomb for agates and sea glass (Sky and I are absolutely addicted)!  We did tons of hiking through the woods as well as exploring awesome beaches!  Even though it was freezing we all made our way into the ocean -- even if only to the tops of our feet due to the cold. always we fit about 2 weeks' worth of vacation into 1 week!

We had an absolutely blast but are all glad to be home -- we love our life!!  I thought that posting here might be the best way to share some photos (if it looks like we are always wearing the same clothes -- we kinda are.  It was freakin' freezing most of the time and we only brought a couple of warm sweatshirts along.  Oops - live and learn!)