Monday, January 30, 2012

Wow - Can You Say FOUR Coyotes??

Paul is on a roll now...although I hunted with Paul on all his sets except one on Saturday...this weekend he had all the luck.  Paul hunted almost all weekend and Saturday he had 'em rollin' in and got 4 coyotes in one day for his trouble.  We had a great time getting to hear the coyotes howl back at the call and getting to see more coyotes than I think either of us have seen in our life.  I think we have a new passion (and respect) for this animal that many seldom see.  Great job Paul!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Coyote Hunting

 I haven't done a post in a while.  Just so happens that this past weekend Paul and I had a great time coyote hunting.  I got my VERY FIRST COYOTE and got to see and hear a ton of fun stuff while we were out!  I gotta say...I have hunted for coyotes many times but seemed to have nothing but bad luck in that regard...whether I hunted alone, with Paul, with friends -- no one seemed to be able to break the "curse" I had with coyotes.  But I got one, the curse is broken and I got the fever!

Paul got a coyote as well this weekend -- a beautiful black phase coyote (although hard to tell from the photos).  I usually have to BEG Paul to get him to coyote hunt with me...just wasn't something he enjoyed.  But after this fun weekend he is as hooked as I am and I see a lot more coyote hunting in our future!
 Here is a fun pic I took of Skyler the other day when her and I were sledding...she had plowed into the snow and her face was covered with snowflakes and droplets...
 And here is my very first coyote...  :)
 Sky and I had a fun time shooting with my dad this weekend.  That is Skyler's shooting a .357 -- she is pretty brave!
Here was a fun coon hunt we had that I don't think I had posted about. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Paul's Doe with his Flintlock

I got to go out with Paul during the most recent late doe season.  We had a great time in the stand even though the weather wasn't ideal.  He connected on this beautiful 132# doe using his .54 Flintlock.  I brought the camera thinking it might be fun to get some video of one of our hunts -- but in the intensity of the moment I got nothing but these pictures afterward.  A great hunt, great shot and a great doe for a great guy!!  Congrats bud and thanks for the fun time in the timber!