Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Skyler's 2nd Deer for the Year

Skyler was SUPER excited to harvest her second deer of the year on opening morning of gun season.  I got to go out to the stand with Skyler this time.  We had an awesome time!!  This deer came in quite early and Skyler initially let him walk.  However, he then layed down for an hour just 40 yards away tucked behind some brush.   As we watched him during that hour, Skyler decided that once he got back up this was the deer she wanted to take.  She put it down with her muzzleloader and couldn't be happier.  Since Skyler has never gotten 2 deer in a year -- she was more than pleased to have accomplished that.  Congratulations Skyler!

Since Paul and I both "bucked out" during bow season (meaning we are not allowed to shoot any more bucks this year), we have been itching to do some other types of hunting to keep us going.  We had so much fun getting to go duck hunting twice during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  We all went on Thanksgiving morning but no one in the blind got to shoot -- no ducks came close enough.  The second day out I got a beautiful Mallard and Shoveler which I already cooked up for one of our suppers.  What a great time in the blind -- super fun and totally different from the kind of hunting we are used to.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lots O' Deer!!

Paul and I have been so blessed this season.  In addition to the animals we have harvested earlier in the year, Paul recently shot this beautiful doe...then not many days later he went on to shoot this beautiful 9 pointer...

and the very next night (I didn't want to be left out)   :)  I was able to put this beautiful 9 pointer down.  This means that Paul and I have shot the maximum number of bucks allowed and are "bucked out" until next our main goal is to help Skyler fill her tags.  Hope you all are having a wonderful season as well!

Monday, November 7, 2011

My First Bow Buck of the 2011 Season

I was able to bag this awesome 11 pointer on Friday night.  What a fun night to be in the timber!!  The rut is definitely on!  This buck came in just shortly before last light to a scrape just 8 yards away.  Talk about exciting to be so close to such a beautiful animal!  A great shot right through the lungs and now I only have 1 buck tag left to fill.  Lookin' forward to spending the next 2 weeks in the timber as these are the days we live all year for...bucks chasin' does and gettin' a bird's eye view of it all.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Paul's First Deer of the Season - A Beautiful 9 Pointer

Paul shot this 192# bruiser on November 2nd...the day that has become his most successful "deer killing anniversary date" through the years.  I know I begin to sound like a broken record but Paul puts in more sweat labor and man hours than any hunter I have ever met...I am always EXTREMELY happy when I get a call from Paul indicating he's got another big buck down -- couldn't happen to a better man!  Way to go bud and keep 'em comin'!