Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Skyler's Doe Down During the Illinois Youth Season

Wanted to brag on Skyler a bit.  Here is a picture of her beautiful 108 pound doe she harvested with her muzzleloader Saturday morning during the Illinois Youth Season.  I drew the short straw so Paul and Skyler hunted in the stand while I archery hunted a separate property to be sure I didn't affect her hunt.  It wasn't long after first light that Skyler's doe, along with 2 others, came into feed on her Buck Forage Oats we all hand-tilled and planted this summer.  Skyler made a perfect double-lung shot and the doe is now safe in our freezer.  Skyler has turned into quite the little hunter -- this is her 3rd deer and she is only 11!  Her work ethic before the season of loving to shoot her rifle to make sure her shot will be true and putting in the sweat labor all summer to ensure all our stands are as good as we can make 'em makes us proud...great job Skyler!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Deer #1 Down on Day 2 of the Season

I haven't been blogging -- been so busy I have barely touched the internet at all lately.  But I wanted to do a quick post as I plan on continuing to update about our hunting expeditions.  I was able to connect on a beautiful doe on day 2 of the Illinois Archery Season -- my earliest deer ever.  So excited!!  This doe was another one that was taking advantage of one of our food plots that we spent many hours working on this summer.  She weighed in at 116 pounds and Paul, Skyler and I already have her meat in the freezer.  Both Paul and I have had many close encounters with many deer already...this is our time of year!  Hope you are enjoying your deer season as well...