Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A color-phase turkey

We had an awesome weekend!  We went fishing as a family Friday night and here is a pic of Skyler with one of the fish she caught.  We also stayed in a cabin Friday night.

Paul and I went turkey hunting Sat morning.  We heard 3 different gobblers and Paul brought every single one of them to within shooting range -- he is the man!  Paul's turkey was a huge Tom w/ 1-1/2 inch spurs. 

My bird is a jake but is what we are calling a "color-phase" turkey.  You can see from the photos that his coloring is not like that of a typical turkey.  We believe it is descended from a whitish/orangish hen that Paul spotted last year on this same property.  We were both super excited to get to see this turkey...the fact that I was able to shoot it was even better!!  This will most likely be my "once-in-a-lifetime" turkey as I have never seen anything like this in all my hours in the woods...I have to thank Paul for getting him in range after I had belly-crawled to the best position I could find, was still laying on my belly when he came in...what an exciting hunt I will never forget!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Turkey #3 -- Can it Be?

Skyler and Paul went out this morning for third season.  I didn't go because I knew I had to go to work HOWEVER, had I known how QUICKLY this bird would respond to Paul's calls I SOOO would have gone along!!  (Skyler was home in time to get ready for school and hop on the bus!)  Oh well...they need their daddy/daughter time together too.  :-) 

Skyler had an opportunity to shoot at 40 yards but patiently waited for him to come closer, to a spot where she felt a little more comfortable shooting.  So...Skyler put this turkey down in Grissom-like fashion.  It is fitting that she should get a great bird as a sort of birthday present to herself since her 12th birthday was just yesterday!  This bird has amazing 1 1/2" spurs!!  Great job guys!   (Plus great pictures Paul...a great turkey caller and photographer your talents never end?!?!)