Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Squirrels and a Coyote

Here is Paul with his latest trophy that he got on Sunday evening while I took Skyler to a birthday party...Paul connected on this female with a beautiful coat!  Keep 'em comin' bud!  We went out and did a couple of coyote sets on Saturday afternoon and got skunked -- but can't beat the time in the timber...

Here is Skyler with her trophies from this weekend.  It was so nice out and the season is winding down so Skyler was so excited to get to chase squirrels with us on Sunday morning...congratulations sweet pea!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another evening hunt...another coyote

We have gone out for a quick set the last 2 nights...and last night I connected on my second coyote of my life -- a beautful female.  We are lovin' this new-found way of hunting.

And this little guy was feasting on a deer carcas we have up in one of the trees in our woods in the backyard...just couldn't resist taking a few pictures.  Although he might be a menace when he is older...this time we just let him enjoy his supper.  Didn't know a possum could be so cute!